Tips, Scholarships, and Ways to Pay for College

With the rising costs associated to attending college, parents and newcomers to college need all the help they can get, right? In researching with our oldest child, we realized that we should have started much earlier in our research of schools, especially college scholarships. You live and learn, right?

Based from my own personal experiences in helping our children find the right college and scholarships, here are a few tips I want to pass along.

  1. Stay in the loop with your school’s guidance counselor. Your school counselor will have a solid idea about your strengths and can guide you to best scholarship opportunities.

  2. Seek scholarships in your community. In our area, I can’t tell you how surprised we were with finding several scholarship opportunities in our community. All communities are a bit different so I would recommend by starting your search with your community’s Leo club or Rotary club.

  3. Most students will need to take on some sort of employment to help offset college expenses. Did you know that some employers offer tuition reimbursement? If you are currently employed, it wouldn’t be a bad idea speak to HR rep and see if there are any tuition reimbursement opportunities you can take advantage of. A friend of ours was recently issued $600 in tuition reimbursement!

  4. Thank goodness for the internet! You can just search for scholarship opportunities but be careful about entering such personal information without doing your research first. Check the creditability of the website, however, I recommend starting with FAFSA first!

    Here’s the website address:

  5. Your school work load might not allow enough time for a part-time employment opportunity so you could always take on short term project when your schedule allows. Cut yards, babysit, tutor, etc. This would help with saving some funds for college.

And because I believe every post needs a photo, here’s a photo our very own 2019, HS Senior, Molly! She is in the process of selecting a college but is excited about advancing her studies in Radio, Television, and Film! We are so proud of her!